At the heart of Don’t Cry Wolf is the truth. A total dedication to honesty, straight-talking and clear direction. Telling the truth has become lost in a media and marketing world that’s thrived on bending reality and alternative facts.

This integrity is not just something we wax lyrical about and ignore. It runs through our creative campaigns, our ballsy strategies, our 5pm emails, our 6am video calls.

Being honest can sometimes be tough. It’s easier to sell a welcome lie than an unwelcome fact.

In the long run, it’s always the best option.

We passionately believe that if honesty is at the heart of every bit of communication our clients put out to the wider world, then audience affinity will quickly follow suit.

People trust people who tell the truth.

Its simple in principle, tough in execution.

But if it were easy to execute, everyone would be doing it.

And that wouldn't make for a very unique philosophy now would it?

Oh, another communications consultancy, just what we need.

So what is the purpose of Don’t Cry Wolf?

Well, it’s two-fold. To provide honest and authentic communications to trustworthy brands and to have a positive impact on our people, the environment and the local community.

Is it unique? We think so.

To be dedicated to brands who want to bypass the nonsense and stay true to the people that spend money with them, you need to be a different type of consultancy.

You need to offer expertise and impact rather than hours and work. So we've not gone and hired five graduates to fill in timesheets. Instead, we've brought together a small number of smart people to give our clients the support they need in strategy, creative and training.

Also, to cut through the smoke and mirrors for our target market, we’ve axed the traditional retainer. Why? Well, standard retainers tend to be built on briefs that haven’t got proper objectives or goals and so most of the time you end up selling, well, time.

Time, without purpose, is pointless. Give us goals; we’ll hit them, you pay us. It’s that simple.

Finally, it takes a consultancy to have the guts to be dedicated to having a net positive impact. We’re taking the steps to publicly report on everything from our environmental footprint through to our participation in the local community. It’s something we feel passionate about, so we’re doing it.

We’re not a big business.

But, we’re a great business. Our clients love us. Our work gets into the hearts of our audiences. Our approach is unfiltered.

That will do for a purpose, won't it?

We're a network of consultants working together.
John Brown

John Brown is a dad to his son Freddie and daughter Luna, husband to Lois and the rest of the time works on his business, Dont Cry Wolf, a consultancy for no bullshit brands looking to build affinity.

He’s been in communications and branding for over a decade, working with clients such as Virgin Media, McAfee, Brompton and The Wellcome Trust and has helped manage global agencies such as Hotwire and Speed. Sometimes John can be found ranting in the media about things that have irritated him, sharing posts of his latest cooking endeavours on Twitter and Instagram and speaking at conferences about stuff he cares about.

Sara Collinge

Sara is a communications expert with over a decade's experience across tech, corporate and consumer brands. She's devised and led campaigns for the likes of Nikon, Unilever and Virgin Media, as well as numerous investors and some of the world's brightest startups.

During her career, Sara has helped run global agencies such as Clarity PR, which was the fastest growing agency in the UK at the time. She fiercely believes that brand comms should start with honesty so that it can engage audiences and nail business objectives.  She is a part-time yogi wannabe, staunch vegan, and 'mother' to her dog Douglas, who is busy curating his own Instagram channel: douglas_doglas