Who are we?

Don’t Cry Wolf was created to cut through all the PR bullshit.

We exist to help brands communicate honestly and build affinity with their audiences; because people trust people who tell the truth.

We’re transparent, open-minded, dedicated, and good fun – if we do say so ourselves. We also want to have a net positive impact on our local community and work with organisations that are truly making a difference to people’s lives, that’s why we’re a registered B Corp.

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One of the things I've learned is be honest, no matter what.

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ByzGen's blockchain platform was going down a storm with prospects and customers, but their team couldn’t keep calling it ‘their enterprise blockchain platform.
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It's time for brands to stop painting their doors green and start driving real change.

Calling time on greenwashing

Greenwashing stinks. Here's how consumers can sniff it out and what brands should do to tackle it.

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It's not all boozy lunches you know.

What’s an agency internship really like? Well, look no further

Here's the skinny on what it's like to intern at your first comms consultancy.

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