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We exist to help brands communicate honestly and build affinity with their audiences; because people trust people who tell the truth.
Our approach is to be utterly honest with our clients and we expect the same from them.
We’ll challenge matters we don’t believe in.
We commit to actions we agree.
We’ll admit when we’ve screwed up.
We’ll celebrate success with you.
All this sounds reasonable, but it’s rare in our industry.
Finally, everything we do is delivered through the lens of wanting to do some good in the world.
Ultimately, we believe turning a profit should benefit us and everyone else.

John Brown, CEO & Co-Founder

John Brown is a dad to his son Freddie and daughter Luna, husband to Lois and the rest of the time works on his business, Don’t Cry Wolf, a consultancy for honest brands looking to build affinity.

He’s been in communications and branding for over a decade, working with clients such as Virgin Media, McAfee, Brompton and The Wellcome Trust and has helped manage global agencies such as Hotwire and Speed. Sometimes John can be found ranting in the media about things that have irritated him, sharing posts of his latest cooking endeavours on Twitter and Instagram and speaking at conferences about stuff he cares about.

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Sara Collinge, MD

Sara is a communications expert with over a decade’s experience across tech, corporate and consumer brands. She’s led campaigns for the likes of Nikon, Unilever and Virgin Media, as well as numerous investors and some of the world’s brightest startups.

During her career, Sara has helped run global agencies such as Clarity PR, which was the fastest growing agency in the UK at the time. She fiercely believes that brand comms should start with honesty so that it can engage audiences and nail business objectives.  She is a part-time yogi wannabe, co-host of a vegan podcast and ‘mother’ to her dog Douglas, who is busy curating his own Instagram channel: douglas_doglas

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Brushing shoulders with Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer hires Don’t Cry Wolf to brush up its US comms

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Lois Brown, CFO & Co-Founder

Lois is the one that keeps contracts signed, invoices paid and expenses managed. An ACA Chartered Accountant, Lois has been managing business and personal finances for over a decade.

Arguably Lois’ greatest achievements, however, have been out of the workplace. She’s an outstanding mum to Freddie and Luna and has managed to juggle managing a business with managing her husband and co-founder, John Brown.

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Harriet Courage, Senior Consultant

Harriet Courage is a senior consultant, specialising on consumer brands. Harriet makes sure that Don’t Cry Wolf’s consumer clients are in the right place at the right time and with the right message.

She’s been working for over a decade in sport, lifestyle, food and drink and hospitality where she worked with the likes of adidas, Lucozade and The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants. Harriet also keeps a close eye on Don’t Cry Wolf’s working practices and ensuring that, as a full-time mum, Don’t Cry Wolf is providing the best career opportunities to extraordinary women like her.

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Five things from Fruit Towers

In celebration on B Corp month we went along to Innocent’s HQ — Fruit Towers — to hobnob with some of our fellow B Corps. Here are the five most interesting fruity facts from the event.

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Our Awards

We do love being loved. So when we found out we’d won PR Week’s New Consultancy of the Year we were pretty chuffed.

Here’s the logo (isn’t it pretty?) and a bunch of awards that we’ve been shortlisted for.

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