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B Corp and our pledges

Our first year trading has been filed and verified, we’re now B Corp certified and ready to make some pledges to keep us even more honest.

B Corp from the start

When we started Don’t Cry Wolf we wanted to ensure that the business stood for more than just earning a buck.

A big part of what we wanted to achieve was to develop an organisation where the planet benefited as the business grew.

So, the very first thing we did was to set up as a B Corp business. This meant ensuring our articles of association focused on profit, people and planet and also undertaking the certification process.

As we were a start-up and you need a full year’s trading and accounts for full certification, we were awarded B Corp Pending status. It meant we could be a part of the community while our business grew and practice the B Corp philosophy as we embarked on our journey.

Fully Certified

Accounts have been filed, certification and assessments completed and today I am delighted to say, we are fully B Corp certified. 

It could be easy for our team to just kick-back and relax as we’ve been living and breathing B Corp for a while. But that would be crass and boring. Instead, we’re announcing our B Corp Certification alongside a set of six pledges that we are making to ourselves and to the wider world.


1.5% of our revenue will go to charity.

Office emissions and energy usage tracked and published

5% of total team time dedicated to pro bono activity

Carbon footprint of all air travel logged, offset and published

Transparent list of clients from gambling, oil and gas

Carbon neutral by 2021

You can check out our pledges here. We’ll be publishing our reports there too.

And finally

We want to do more than earn money, get coverage and design brands. We’re bloody grateful to be a part of this beautiful planet and want to do what we can to look after it and our fellow people.

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