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B Corp does not define your brand

Our values are at the heart of Don’t Cry Wolf. Like they should be for any brand. The wording took time but the sentiment and meaning course through the veins of the business. For clarity our values are:

Be obsessed with honesty

Listen carefully

Embrace vulnerability

Dismiss ambiguity

Disrupt confidently

What is not on the list is B Corp.

B Corp is not a value

We’re a proud B Corp certified agency. But, B Corp is not a value. It doesn’t define a brand. B Corp is a framework for assessing the efficacy and excellence of a brand’s actions and commitment to the planet, its people and society.

Being a B Corp does not make you a good business. Or a more profitable one. Business leaders of B Corps are not 18% more charming. B Corp does not make the brand ‘pop’ or come to life.

What it does is give a structure to measuring a triple bottom line organisation and some evidence that the organisation is willing to be scrutinised.

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Room for improvement

Does the certification process need to improve? Of course. And it is. One of the most powerful attributes of the B Corp movement is that it’s constantly evolving, adapting and improving.

From when Don’t Cry Wolf gained Pending status in 2018 to when it became fully certified in 2019, the certification process had already changed and improved.

Fast forward to 2021 and it looks radically different, aligning with UN SDGs and incorporating a greater emphasis on areas such as diversity.

People are right to question the efficacy of the certification process when one of the movements recent darlings, Brew Dog, is dragged across the coals by former employees not long after it scored well in ‘Workers’ and ‘Governance’ categories within the certification.

It’s crucial that the B Corp movement learns from this, and I am confident it will.

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Don’t fake it

But perhaps even more importantly, business owners and brand guardians looking at B Corp as a platform for defining their brand need to look again.

If they are ‘faking it’, if the leadership team pays lip service to morality and ethics but pursues profit above all else, then B Corp will not be a veil to hide behind. You will be found out.

Do you already have the heart, mind and soul of a leader that believes in doing business differently? Are you committed to a fairer, safer and healthier world with a positive relationship between industry and society?

Well then, B Corp still provides an excellent opportunity for effectively measuring your work and keeping you honest. What’s more, the B Corp community enables you to contribute to shaping the next iteration of the movement, the certification and the community.

B Corp is not perfect, no radical movement for change and transparency is, but I am utterly convinced that more businesses being a part of the B Corp community and committing to its framework will dynamically change the fabric of business,