Being Best For The World

The history

When I set up Don’t Cry Wolf in 2018 I wanted to see whether or not I could run an agency that took the planet and people as seriously as profits. It was an experiment.

We launched with B Corp Pending status (as you needed a full year’s worth of trading to get fully certified), brought in an incredible HR resource to shape the policies of the business and made a clear dedication to the wider world by committing 1.5% of everything we earned to go back into communities and charities.

The progress

A few years on and the experiment is going well.

We’re very much ‘in business’, the team is growing and the accountants all have an air of satisfaction and, dare I say, joy when they examine our numbers.

But the business of being good for the world is the real measure of success.

Why? Because it’s fairly easy to earn a bit of cash. The agency model is not rocket science and so long as you deliver strong work, clients will emerge.

This is why being selected as one of the top 5% B Corps in the world for both Workers policies and Governance, is perhaps my proudest moment so far.

It’s recognition that we’ve achieved a top score in overall mission, ethics, accountability and transparency as well as creating positive impacts for our workforce.

Certain measures have helped to achieve this recognition. We were the first UK agency to launch a menopause clause back in 2019, providing support to anyone through that important life stage. We invited a client to sit on our board along with an external NED to keep us accountable and on track, and we’ve made a point of publishing what we preach, from the number of times we’ve pitched creative without being paid through to our carbon footprint and employee survey.

What’s next?

And yet, there is more to do.

Taking inspiration from Michelle Pfeiffer’s message to her class in Dangerous Minds, the film made famous by Coolio’s epic Gangsta’s Paradise, “earning an A is easy. Keeping it is hard.”

We’ve earned our Best For the World status, and we’re chuffed. But now, it’s about keeping it. We need to evolve our policies, improve our transparency and increase our commitment to the planet and society.

Doing so will keep us on the right path and will undoubtedly be good for business.

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