Being Elvie’s PR Agency And Disrupting Femtech

As Elvie’s PR agency we are given a unique opportunity to not only build on the incredible growth of the Octopus Ventures-backed brand since its meteoric rise but also play a meaningful role in the growing femtech industry.

Health and wellbeing has traditionally been a fairly passive and somewhat vanilla space.

Lots of organisations saying the same thing, not wanting to rock the boat too much.

But with a visionary and health expert such as Tania Boler at the helm of the organisation, communications has to stand for something and emotionally connect with women across the world.

As a PR agency, you’re always looking for an edge.

Luckily, with Elvie’s products, we already had a bit of a head start.

The wearable breast pump and pelvic floor trainer gave us the perfect canvas to address genuine taboos and smash barriers.

For us, that meant getting people comfortable with boobs. But also helping women talk about incontinence, breastfeeding, tackling the gap in women’s health and challenging status-quo thinking.

Take one of our recent campaigns, #LetFannyFly.

Let Fanny Fly.

Our plan was to sponsor the Fringe festival with our campaign, ‘Pissing Yourself Laughing’ focused on getting incontinence discussed. The campaign featured an educational pop-up called the Pissing Booth and a 19 ft blimp called Fanny. To our surprise, at the last minute, Edinburgh Fringe pulled the plug.

But as Elvie’s PR agency, we didn’t back down. We turned the tables and called Fringe out for being too squeamish to allow our campaign to go ahead. Instead of our original plan, we found a sheep farm 30 minutes outside Edinburgh. We inflated Fanny. And appealed to the Council and Fringe Festival to #LetFannyFly before the helium runs out and Fanny gets deflated. The campaign launched with the hashtag #LetFannyFly.

In just three days, the campaign generated 220 pieces of coverage including The Sun, The Metro, The Times and Bustle. And Fanny reached 8.4 million people on social media. Elvie’s website referral traffic soared by 35% on launch day alone and our petition was signed by 4,500 supporters.

Inflatable Vagina

Continuing our work.

Since then, as Elvie’s PR agency, we’ve helped to rewrite the fitness mantras for women. Encouraging women to not just focus on leg day, but to also give their pelvic floor a bit of a workout.

We also worked with a heap of real mums to tell the authentic stories of breastfeeding. The real feed helped to document breastfeeding journeys and give other mums the tips, tricks, encouragement and support they were looking for from a place of truth and emotion.

There’s so much more around the corner and working with one of the fastest-growing businesses in the UK is a privilege and a constant source of inspiration and creativity for us.

Bring on the next campaign as we continue to help Elvie redefine women’s health and change the femtech for the better.

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