orgvue case

What did we want to do?

orgvue is changing the way businesses analyse, model and execute their people strategies. The problem was, no one knew that. Seen as a fairly functional technology tool, orgvue needed a brand that was going to attract the brave and bold business leaders that were willing to not just adopt new technology and services but take on board an entirely new management approach.

It needed to break out of its HR tool bubble.

What did we do?

First off, a shed load of research. From commissioning global research to understand buying personas more deeply, through to staff surveys and customer interviews. We really got under the skin of the business (in a pleasing way!) and unearthed what was at the core. And that was a sense of fearlessness. Of experts in technology and consultancy coming together to fundamentally change the HR, Finance and Strategic landscape of big businesses. Our next job was to turn that sentiment into a position and brand that could project the confidence within the organisation, simplify the message and electrify the visual identity.

What happened

We blew it out of the water. Everything from the language through to the logo changed to make orgvue look as sexy as its personality. We revamped the messaging and put a powerful emotive narrative at the core, one that spoke directly to the confident and creative leaders orgvue wanted to speak to, but hadn’t got in front of yet.

The design, messaging and promise fought against the status-quo of the industry and was received with a standing ovation from the internal team and a phone ringing off the hook to the CEO from existing customers.

What’s more, new customers have fallen in love with the confident nature of the brand and see the organisation as a gateway to achieving real change within their own businesses. These aren’t small organisations either, KPMG was the first to make an enquiry off the back of the rebrand followed quickly by global HR firm Mercer.

In short, orgvue started to really matter.


what did we learn?

We learnt that B2B firms need to act more like Nike than they do McKinsey. That emotion, confidence and clarity drive positive responses from senior stakeholders. We learnt that if an organisation believes in itself, it can engineer a truly unique position in the market by letting that confidence shine through.