Away From The Ordinary


What did we want to do?

We were asked to help raise awareness of Away From The Ordinary, a bespoke travel service offering unique, luxury trips to Scotland. The founder, Aeneas O’Hara, is a product and knowledgeable Scotsman with bags of passion for the country he grew up in.  

We needed to inspire their target audience to take a trip to Scotland by showing them the kinds of experiences on offer. And we wanted to do that by creating partnerships with the right influencers. Not just wannabe travel instagrammers, but people who’s recommendations would convince people to choose Scotland over the Maldives.

What did we do?

We targeted personal assistants who look after multiple high net worth families and a carefully selected handful of journalists who write for the most discerning consumers. And we invited them to experience the best that Scotland had to offer.  

We took our group to experience the very best restaurants, toured around private estates, took in a wee dram here, there… and everywhere, and even arranged a helicopter ride to a remote lunch spot.

What happened

We held a fantastic trip to Scotland. Everyone enjoyed themselves and everyone came back a little bit in love with Scotland and Aeneas. We also showed off Scotland’s best establishments and experiences and generated 20+ posts on Instagram and nearly 150 stories from our influencers.

What about the coverage? OK, so we’re still waiting on the coverage to come through since it was only a few weeks ago, but one of the PAs has already written about it in her monthly newsletter, reaching nearly 3,000 of clients in and around London.

What did we learn?

Much like any travel destination Scotland’s unique experiences had to be seen to be believed. Taking influencers on an adventure is a great way to get people to leave their desks and engage with your brand. Oh, and helicopters, the Scottish Highlands and wintery conditions are an adventure all on their own.


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