What did we want to do?

ByzGen is a startup with a clever blockchain platform. The technology helps big organisations secure and manage their data. It was going down a storm with prospects and customers, but their team couldn’t keep calling it ‘their enterprise blockchain platform’, it needed a name.

We needed to work with ByzGen’s Board members to brand their platform, giving it a name that was exciting, authentic, and reflective of how ByzGen’s technology fulfils the motivations, needs and desires of customers.  

Oh, and we wanted to do it on a small budget in less than a month. What could go wrong?

What did we do?

Well, when it comes to naming, there’s quite a lot that can go wrong. Naming is an emotive expression of what a business or technology stands for. Long story short, it’s important and everyone has an opinion on it.

So, first we gathered everyone on the naming team in a room for an audience workshop to figure out who we wanted to speak to and what they needed to hear from ByzGen. We identified four audience archetypes, gave them names and outlined their key challenges, needs and desires. And, most importantly, how we wanted them to feel about ByzGen.  

From there, we thought about it for a few days before coming back with three different naming routes. Each one was distinctive, bold and, spoke to the core of what ByzGen was trying to do for customers.

Finally, the bit that always makes us sweat a bit, we presented the three different routes back to the team.

What happened

We pitched three totally different ideas. And the team unanimously selected a winner. We called the platform Falkor, after the luck dragon in The Never Ending Story, (a 1984 cult classic film). Why? Falkor is wise, dignified and reliable. In the film, Falkor carries the other characters in the story on his back over rough terrain and over enormous mountains. ByzGen helps businesses navigate complicated data challenges with total confidence so it was basically meant to be.  

Falkor was unleashed on customers and added to ByzGen’s website and sales materials. Plus,  the team felt excited and invigorated about the new name, and their investors loved it.

What did we learn?

Naming begins and ends with the audience. You can’t name something unless you know what your customers need first. And when it comes to the process, bringing the entire team on board right from the beginning is vital.

If you get the process right then the creative stuff is far easier, the output is better, and finding a new name is more exciting for everyone.  


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