Consumer expert, Harriet Courage, joins as Senior Consultant

The Don’t Cry Wolf team is buzzing. It’s just hired the wonderful Harriet Courage as a senior consultant. Harriet will be working on growing Don’t Cry Wolf’s consumer portfolio including Flight Club and Away From The Ordinary. On top of that, Harriet will be keeping a close eye on Don’t Cry Wolf’s working practices and ensuring that, as a full-time mum, Don’t Cry Wolf is providing the best career opportunities to extraordinary women like her.

Sara Collinge, MD of Don’t Cry Wolf said,

“Harriet is the embodiment of everything Don’t Cry Wolf aspires to be: honest, gutsy, and flipping brilliant at what she does. Her experience and relentless positivity mean that she’ll be a vital part of Don’t Cry Wolf as we work to deliver on our ambitious plans for 2019. She’s already bringing her sizeable brain and creative muscle to client work. And the fact that she shares our love of succulents makes this a perfect combination.

Harriet is the latest hire for the growing team and joins at a time when Don’t Cry Wolf has big ambitions for the coming year, while maintaining its B Corp status and ensuring the company has a net positive outcome on society.”

Harriet commented,

“I’m unbelievably proud to join Don’t Cry Wolf. They are not only honest with their clients and employees and growing sustainably, but they have proven to me that they are committed to proper flexible working. This opportunity allows me to develop my career with some heroes of the PR industry but also balance my family life without feeling guilty about it.

We’re in 2019 and this kind of working practise, especially in our industry should be encouraged to avoid brilliant talent falling between the gaps of maternity leave and returning to work. I feel strongly about it and not just for working mums but for everyone because flexible working makes sense.”

John Brown, CEO (that’s right, CEO) of Don’t Cry Wolf added,

‘I’ve surrounded myself with people who are going to make me feel very inadequate. But, the important thing here is that our clients will be getting an incredible level of hands-on expertise. Harriet has gathered experience delivering communications programmes for astonishing brands such as adidas, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards and Lucozade Sport .”

“All that talent she’ll now be sharing with the wider Don’t Cry Wolf team and our clients. More importantly, she’ll be keeping us to our word on our commitment to providing a working environment to parents that blends perfectly with their lives. A few more hires like this and I’ll be able to retire to a bookshop and spend the rest of my days sipping whisky and reading the Shardlake novels over and over again.”

Now a year in, Don’t Cry Wolf is still yet to go bust or be sued and managed to donate 1.5% of its profits to charity.

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