We’ve appointed a client to keep things above board

We’ve appointed a client to help keep us honest.

Brutal honesty comes in many forms. One of its most delightful forms is Amy Barber, the spectacular Head of Marketing for Tangle Teezer North America, and Don’t Cry Wolf’s newest board member.     

Amy has a bunch of client side experience having headed up PR for femtech trailblazer Elvie before joining Tangle Teezer last year. It was her exciting track record, love of creative comms and her plucky pug, Nala (see right), that made her the perfect fit for the role. 

As party of the non exec advisor position, Amy will be applying her strategic chops and creative glasses to quarterly management meetings with two primary goals. First, to make sure we stick to our promises. And second to help us make the best possible decisions for all our stakeholders, especially our lovely clients.

Adding a client to the board now is part of Don’t Cry Wolf’s commitment to excellent environmental, social and corporate governance (ESGs). In other words, it’s part of making Don’t Cry Wolf the most honest, ethical and sustainable consultancy our team and clients have ever worked with. 

In Amy’s own words: “When Don’t Cry Wolf asked me to join the board, I was surprised and delighted. Surprised because I’d never heard of a client being invited into the inner chamber of an agency’s business before. And delighted because they’re a great bunch of people and a team of wicked-smart comms professionals. I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like north of the wall, at the first board meeting.”

Sara Collinge, Managing Director of Don’t Cry Wolf said, “Bringing a client in is an exciting step for us. It will help hold us accountable and give us super invaluable insight into what we can be doing better now and in the future. We can’t wait for Amy to apply her insatiable honesty and laser sharp brain to our management meetings – she’ll be taking over in no time.”