DCW bags Famous Rouse following competitive pitch process

We are cheek-tinglingly delighted to announce two things.

First, we haven’t landed a poor-quality copycat whiskey brand (phew). And second, we’ve hired a wonderfully-creative comms wizard, Tom ‘Famous’ Rouse.

Tom joins DCW’s management team as director of creative and strategy. Having worked as a consultant with Don’t Cry Wolf for the past several months, he has already been involved in two rebrands, a handful of pitches and a shed load of Zoom banter. 

Tom was formerly a creative director at Hotwire where he worked with brands such as Ubisoft, Microsoft, BBC, Homeaway, Travelex and Innocent. Whilst at Hotwire he worked alongside Don’t Cry Wolf’s CEO, John Brown, bonding over a shared appetite for massive meals and making the world a better place through bloody brilliant comms campaigns. 

Tom will be putting his strategic chops and magically-creative beard to work across Don’t Cry Wolf’s clients. So expect to see us floating giant turds down the Thames to raise awareness about the global fertiliser shortage in the next 4-8 weeks. 

In addition to breaking new creative ground, he’ll be working with some of our lovely clients including Manhattan TV and Meridian Foods to deliver brilliantly strategic and creative campaigns. 

In Tom’s own words “I am so happy to be working with Sara, John and the team. Their undying energy and boundless imagination is exceeded only by their physical elegance and dedication to making me chuckle at the most inappropriate times.

Here’s what he actually said: “It’s been a joy working with Don’t Cry Wolf over the past few months and i’m delighted to have the support of the whole dressing room. The ambition of the team and their commitment to giving clients 110% means it was an absolute no brainer to turn our loan deal into a permanent signing.”

Sara Collinge, MD of Don’t Cry Wolf said, “Tom is one of the most brilliant comms professionals I’ve come across. He has already delivered some absolutely astonishing work and we feel extremely lucky to have him”

“The fact that he worked with John previously was the only real downside,” she added. 

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