the world rolling towards a cliff edge

DCW Quarterly #3: Mind the Gap

Our world stands at a crossroads this week. If the right decisions are made at COP26 and intent is backed with action then the planet can still be saved. But, if our leaders continue to stall, blame and pass the buck, then our future looks bleaker than ever.

The more we watch world leaders make big promises and then back away from big changes, the more we realise this gap between intent and action is the biggest barrier to positive change in our world.  So for this special COP26 issue of the DCW Quarterly we’ve focused in on this gap – exploring how it affects every aspect of our society and particularly the fight against climate change.

Mind the Gap

We’ll hand the mic to our founder John Brown to explain the background to this issue. This extract from his introductory letter perfectly sets the scene:

Our road to Glasgow has been full of diversions, from pandemics to populism. We’ve seen the general public agree that it’s a bad idea to dump sewage into our oceans and rivers, despite a government determined to keep shitting in the sea.

But equally, we’ve had an entire protest movement alienate a great big chunk of society through action that was seen as a nuisance rather than an important message.The gap between what needs to be done and what we’re doing is greater than ever before. And within this chasm lay specific voids that need bridging.

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For the third issue running we’ve reimagined the design of the Quarterly  – giving it a new format, a new size and a fresh new look. And we might be biased, but we think its fit.

Within this issue you’ll find articles on everything from the exclusion of the working classes from environmental activism and the sorry state of affairs that is modern football, through to a compelling analysis of the responsibility communications agencies must bear for the world we live in. We hope you find something of interest in every piece – so if you’d like to receive a free digital copy, just fill out the form below.

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the world rolling towards a cliff edge