DCW teams up with World Champion for the Climate Cycle

DCW teams up with World Champion Kate Strong for the Climate Cycle

There are some people that just ooze greatness. Kate Strong is simply one of those people. Not just because of her impressive list of accolades (and trust us, they are impressive). But because her ascension to the top of every field she’s dipped her toes into has been far from linear to say the least. 

For every World Record broken, there have been tremendous personal hurdles to overcome. And for every new disciplined conquered, there’s a number of naysayers – often very close to home – who laughed off Strong’s aspirations as impossible. The word impossible doesn’t exist in Kate Strong’s vernacular, though. 

After a few impromptu coffees with our leader, John Brown, this match made in heaven was set in stone. Kate kindly agreed to impart her incredible pearls of wisdom across four workshops with our team, whilst DCW would become the headline sponsor for her Climate Cycle which kicks off on 5th June. Let’s start with the former though. 

Egos and Goal Setting 

It would have been easy to just go around discussing our wispy New Year’s resolutions that are already on the cusp of being broken and let that be that. What becomes clear after about 30 seconds in Kate’s company is that the easy option is never really a choice. Instead, the champion triathlete was incredibly candid with the team, sharing her incredible story, both personal and professional. 

From owning a hotel in Australia and being six days away from a marriage she frankly didn’t want to be in. To being entangled in a lawsuit which led to a stint cleaning toilets in a coffee shop, despite an undergraduate degree in environmental engineering and two masters. The only thing more remarkable than the story itself was just how open and honest Kate was with a room largely made up of strangers. 

The vulnerability was reciprocated. To say the team responded vehemently is an understatement. Whether we were revealing professional hang-ups, or delving into what obstacles we fear we might face in the future through meditation. The entire workshop was a massive learning curve for us all. 

Climate Cycle

As well as wowing the team with her powerful story, there’s the small matter of Kate’s aforementioned Climate Cycle in June. But what is it? Kicking off on World Climate Day (Monday June 5th), the world record holder will be embarking on a 3,000 mile cycle across mainland Britain. The reason? To visit 30 different sustainability projects and discover whether there’s a way of saving the planet that’s both tangible and doesn’t require going to such extreme lengths. 

On the bike ride itself, Kate said:Global health is a primary concern and now is the time to take action. My 3-month cycle ride, on a bike hand-made out of bamboo, is to inspire people into doing something to help create change. No action is too small and there’s no better time than now.” 

What next? 

Luckily for us, we have three more sessions with Kate. As well as working with cycling supreme herself to make sure there’s a sufficient buzz in the run-up to the big event in June. This might be the first you’ve seen of this collaboration but it sure as hell isn’t the last. Keep your eyes peeled. 

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