DCW Unwrapped 2022

DCW Unwrapped 2022

We spend so much time looking forwards. Our next pitch, our next client, our next campaign – that we hardly make time to sit back and reflect. But with 2022 coming to an end, we sat down with some of the team to reflect on the past 12 months. Needless to say it’s been another memorable year. With that said, we present to you DCW Unwrapped 2022

From new people and new places, to producing some of our most powerful and creative work to date. It’s been a busy year for us at DCW. We’ve been on billboards, stepped into the fashion world and carried on smashing taboos in society. Here are just a few of our highlights:

SAM, Designer 

Highlight of the Year – My design being used for North sails and seeing it in campaigns, made me feel like a proper designer!

Biggest Challenge – Pushing my knowledge of design and really starting to carve out my creative future.

Goal for 2023 – Keep growing and levelling up. Continuing to help the DCW creative flourish!

Favourite campaign – Arahi branding retreat. This was an amazing experience to learn and build an awesome brand and really get to know one of our clients!

KIRAN, Account Manager

Highlight of the year – When the team executed multiple campaigns in one week successfully!

Biggest challenge – When the team had to execute multiple campaigns in one week…

Goal for 2023 – Not work related but I’d really like to become a home owner! No more crazy mini-budgets please and thank you.

Favourite campaign – #LeaksHappen – Elvie’s peeing billboard!

KHALID, Account Executive

Highlight of the yearStarting a new job and learning things about myself

Biggest challenge – Dealing with mental health issues

Goal for 2023 Getting on top of my mental health challenges and being a better version of myself through kindness

Favourite campaignPumps on Parade, for sure!

CHLOE, Account Director

Highlight of the year – Obviously joining DCW!

Biggest challenge – Going from working in one sector (automotive) to an entirely new range (incl. fashion, beauty, B2B, fem-tech) – a challenge but a really rewarding one

Goal for 2023 – Personal goal is to visit and tick off both Bali and Costa Rica from my bucket list

Favourite campaign – For DCW, Pumps on Parade for sure. But I also loved Dove’s ‘Reclaiming School Picture Day’ campaign – the simple ideas can often be the most impactful

TOM, Account Executive 

Highlight of the year – BYOF Event for Motatos – Really enjoyed interacting with members of the public and seeing a campaign we’d been working hard on come to life like that

Biggest Challenge – Adapting to consumer press office as my background was more in construction comms and in working with local authorities.  I’d never seeded a product before I came here.

Goal for 2023 – Have as much fun as possible while working on some great and memorable campaigns

Favourite campaign – Again it has to be BYOF for Motatos, it’s the first time I’ve been able to work on a campaign like that out in public and I can’t wait to do it again.

ISHMAEL, Content 

Highlight of the year – Two things. Seeing the agency transition into a creative one. And then also how seamlessly our new starters have embrace our culture and added value to the team.

Biggest Challenge – Finding the balance between being involved with what’s going on in the world environmentally and politically, without being really disheartened by it.

Goal 2023 – Read more. Write more. Create more

Favourite campaign – The Arahi branding retreat was wicked. I also enjoy Pumps on Parade fro afar.

HOLLY, Account Director

Highlight of the year – Flying out to France to run an event for North Sails. The setting was beautiful, and the speakers left me in awe. There was so much passion in one room and a deep routed commitment and love for the ocean, sustainability and preserving our coral reefs.

Biggest challenge –  The world around us is changing at a rapid pace, and the news agenda has been hectic – dominated by politics, the royals, the environmental crisis and everything else that’s impacting our society. At times, it’s been challenging to find moments of calm and reflection as we navigate through an increasingly chaotic and ever changing society.

Goal for 2023 – Nurture our current clients, take their campaigns to the next level and push even more boundaries with our creativity and willingness to take risks – hopefully opening the door to more brands that are intrigued by how bold we can be.

Favourite campaign – Leaks Happen!