B Corp Certified
Branding Agency

Oh hi there. Welcome to Don’t Cry Wolf, a B Corp certified branding agency based in London and Cornwall in the UK. Our dedication to delivering creative, meaningful and sustainable brands is what sets us apart.

As a proud B Corp certified business, we strive to use our creative powers for good, focusing on ethical and sustainable practices to ensure that every brand story we tell is as kind to the world as it is engaging, honest and human.

A different type of branding agency

We’re a damn good creative branding agency

As a top-tier creative branding agency, we weave innovation and creativity into the heart of every brand we touch. Our services range from brand strategy and design to digital experience and content creation, each crafted with a blend of imagination and data-driven insights. We get to know the citizens our clients want to connect with and as with locations in London and Cornwall our branding agency UK services are focused on getting deep into the psyche of the UK public, no matter how terrifying that may sound.

An ethical branding agency

We’re not just any branding agency; we are an ethical branding agency that believes in a better way of doing business. Our B Corp certification underlines our commitment to ethical business practices, community involvement, and environmental conservation. Our team is passionate about creating brands that reflect these values, helping a business stand out whilst making a positive impact.

Sustainable Branding Agency

We believe the natural world is a pretty important thing to maintain and that we can create gorgeous brands without messing up the planet. As a forward-thinking sustainable branding agency, our commitment to sustainability isn’t just a selling point—it’s ingrained in our ethos and transparently reported on every year. We understand that in today’s global landscape, citizens are looking for brands with a conscience, brands that don’t just say, but do. We think action speaks louder than words, so have reduced our emissions by over 50% since 2019. We bring a bit of this environmental activism to each of our products, making sure that our clients feel part of a more sustainable journey towards a more exciting brand future.

The services we offer

Brand strategy

From the name to the soul, we carve out a brand strategy that feels right for our clients and resonates with the citizens they want to connect with. Any branding agency worth its salt should be able to come up with an off-the-shelf strategy, but it takes one with intuition, empathy and imagination to come up with a strategy that has a soul. 


Our branding agency has a team of designers and content creators to offer best in class brand design services focusing on getting to the heart of who you are, what you look and feel like. We offer design services that cut through the nonsense, are accessible as they are creative and leave people feeling something for the brand.


As an ethical branding agency we make sure that the way we approach messaging is with a complete dedication to the truth. We don’t spin something that isn’t there. We build confident messaging that can be backed up and stacked up to help organisations stand out from a sea of vanilla brands. 

Award winning

  • Sabre Awards 2023
  • The Drum Social Purpose
  • The Drum PR
  • PR Week Awards 2022
  • Best for the world

Our work

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If you’re looking for a genuine branding agency partner on your creative journey and believe that through creative work we can make the world a bit better then drop us a line and see what we can achieve together.