Double trouble – meet our new interns

We all remember our first internship – the stress of interviewing, the butterflies in your stomach as you get in the lift for your first day. They’re an industry rite of passage and a great way for agencies to find new talent, while also providing the perfect way to share knowledge and skills with the next generation.

But if they were scary enough before, imagine just how intense the intern process must be when the interviews take place entirely via Zoom and your onboarding experience involves more Slack than sandwiches.

So when we realised it was time to bring on some fresh talent, we approached it with a lot of excitement and a fair bit of nervousness. Would we be able to find the right people and give them, and us, the internship they deserve?

It wasn’t an easy question to answer and we knew it would come down to finding people with the perseverance, talent and attitude to make magic happen. Luckily, we’ve hit the jackpot with our two new interns – Lawrence Sacerdotenau and Georgina Head. 

Both Georgie and Lawrence found themselves looking for work during the pandemic. Rather than sit back and wait for the perfect role to find them, they took it on themselves to become an essential hire – finding freelance work and developing their skills. This made them easy hires for us and ensured they have hit the ground running. The pair are both already securing amazing results and generally wowing us all with their energy and attitude. We’ve been hard pressed to find anything negative to say about them – perhaps the only issue is their lack of understanding of our references to 90s culture.

And don’t just take our word for it – here’s what the pair of them have to say:

Georgina said: I’m so happy to be here at Don’t Cry Wolf! I’ve been watching the awesome work DCW have been doing for a while now so it’s wonderful to be behind the scenes, learning from the team, and watching the magic happen.

Lawrence said: I had been looking into the PR industry for a while to find work. When I came across Don’t Cry Wolf, their campaigns, their values, the office culture they encouraged, I knew this was a one of a kind place to work at, with one of a kind people to work with and learn from.

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