Elvie take pumps on parade at Notting Hill Carnival to bust taboos on motherhood

#PumpsOnParade launches in partnership with Don’t Cry Wolf to empower new mums and celebrate womanhood

Leading fem-tech brand Elvie took breast pumps on parade this weekend at Notting Hill Carnival alongside singer-actress and new mum Alexandra Burke to show it’s ok to embrace motherhood, whilst still doing the things you love. 

The campaign follows research commissioned by Elvie that shows that 45% of women lose their sense of self when breastfeeding, and two thirds give up activities they love as a new mum. That’s why Elvie, in partnership with creative brand activism agency, Don’t Cry Wolf, went on a mission to come up with an idea that busts taboos around breastfeeding and pumping in public, and empowers mums to take part in all life has to offer – no matter what their feeding journey looks like. 

The campaign was inspired by Alexandra’s experiences, as well as Elvie ambassadors, cousins Nicole Moses and Chloe Moses. All three women were pumping breast milk as they took part in the Carnival. 

Video and imagery of the event will be shared across Elvie’s owned channels, alongside stories from the women involved. They’re encouraging others to get involved in the conversation by hashtagging #PumpsOnParade and tagging @elvie on socials. 

Alexandra Burke, singer, actress and ambassador for the event, commented: When Elvie approached me to take part and put pumps on parade, I just knew I had to do it. For me, being in the parade pumping is one of the most empowering things I could ever do. Women should know there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Breastfeeding and pumping in public spaces has often been shamed by society and whilst we have seen significant progress, there’s still not enough conversation about the stigmas associated with motherhood, and women more broadly.” 

Tania Boler, CEO and Founder of Elvie, said: “Not only is pumping and breastfeeding in public still stigmatised, but our research proves that women feel as though they need to stay at home— losing a sense of freedom and identity when feeding. After decades in women’s health, I’ve seen firsthand the detrimental impacts of isolation and loneliness among new mothers, affecting both mental health and overall wellbeing. At Elvie, we love nothing more than breaking down barriers and empowering women. So, we hope this activation will crush stigmas surrounding what new motherhood ‘should’ be, while uplifting women to take back their sense of freedom.”

Holly Fairclough, Account Director, Don’t Cry Wolf added: “For us at Don’t Cry Wolf, we love nothing more than shaking things up, and taking a stand on social issues. We’re lucky to have clients like Elvie that are willing to push boundaries to create positive change. Being able to put pumps out there on display for all to see shouldn’t really be a big deal, but unfortunately in today’s society it’s seen as one. Whilst it generates great PR, really what we want to do is show that women have nothing to be ashamed of, and to feel liberated so that one day this will no longer need to make headline news. 

“It’s important that women, whatever their journey in life, feel empowered to be who they are and do things they love without needing to fit into any type of box. This campaign is celebrating just that –  empowering women and having a good time in an environment that champions inclusivity and expression.” 

Don’t Cry Wolf is responsible for the strategy, creative and PR execution for this latest campaign, working closely with Elvie’s in-house team, Alexandra Burke and Utopia Mas Band. 

About Elvie

Founded in 2013, Elvie is a British brand developing smarter technology for women.

After realising the lack of support for new mums, CEO Tania Boler brought together a team of world-class engineers, designers and business minds to redesign the existing unattractive and outdated medical devices in women’s health into sleek consumer products that could be used at home. 

Elvie now has 5 products on the market in the UK. The first to launch, Elvie Trainer, is an award-winning Kegel trainer and app. Its second product, Elvie Pump, is the ultra-quiet, wearable breast pump that fits in the bra so mums could pump, hands-free. 

Elvie Curve and Elvie Catch; both enhance the Elvie breastfeeding range. Elvie Curve is a wearable, silicone breast pump that uses natural suction to enable comfort and Elvie Catch is a set of two secure milk collection cups to catch leaks and collect additional milk.

The newest addition to the range is Elvie Stride, a hospital-grade, hands-free electric pump that allows mothers to discreetly express without compromising on pumping performance.

For more information visit ​elvie.com.