Five things from Fruit Towers

In celebration on B Corp month we went along to Innocent’s HQ — Fruit Towers — to hobnob with some of our fellow B Corps. Here are the five most interesting fruity facts from the event.

  1. Unsurprisingly Innocent know how to provide refreshments. The lemon and lime fizzy can is bloody good, the others are pretty good too but that’s a strong choice. In fact, B Corp events provide the best snacks because there are lots of terrific snack-based B Corps.
  2. As part of B Corp month Waitrose launched a dedicated B Corp shop. Waitrose isn’t a B Corp but it was good to see a household name associating itself with the growing movement (B Corp UK launched in 2015 with just over 60 companies and now has over 200). The shop was such a success that it’s going to be made a permanent feature on their website. A brilliant case study for the B Corp community. And another reminder for us that consumers are looking to shop with brands that are doing something good.
  3. The offices are everything you would expect: open plan, a splash of astroturf and a delightful amount of succulents. There was an abundance of examples that show their internal brand is just as strong as the external one.
  4. Now for my favourite part. There are always two spare chairs round the Innocent boardroom table. One for the ‘environment’ and one for ‘society’ so they always have a seat at the table.
  5. And lastly, the banana phone is real. Double dare you: 020 7993 3311.

Thanks a melon for having us B Corp and Innocent.

And shout out to Katie for the tour.

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