Freedom Brewery – Creative Brief

We are all raising a glass (or a tankard) to the start of a brew-tiful creative relationship with Freedom Brewery, the gorgeous independent brewery specialising in stunning lagers.

Our work will be focused on developing creative campaigns and meaningful activations to help more people discover what true independently brewed premium lager is all about.

Freedom Brewery
Freedom Brewery and Don’t Cry Wolf

Match made in heaven

Located in Staffordshire and nestled on the side of a small valley with a spectacular view of the countryside Freedom Brewery is the perfect client for Don’t Cry Wolf. 

Freedom’s committed brewers are meticulous about every detail. From the natural carbonation for a smoother bubble, to the four-week maturation process for a fuller flavour.

What’s more, its longer maturation process removes the need to use isinglass (made from fish collagen) in the filtration process, meaning the lager is 100% vegan certified. All this, combined with its fiercely independent attitude made the brand a perfect match for the agency.

Freedom Brewery is the latest client in the food and drinks space, where Don’t Cry Wolf has delivered on social media, digital marketing and creative brand activism briefs to diverse audiences in award-winning style.

Ditch the drab and dreary

We’re looking forward to getting more people to ditch the mundane run-of-the-mill lager for something exciting, inspiring and independent.

Sara Collinge, MD of Don’t Cry Wolf, said, “Every opportunity we have to be out with friends and family is being treated like a sacred moment, and rightly so. As such, no one should have to settle for crap lager or mundane experiences.

Which is why we’re so chuffed to work with Freedom Brewery on creative that will introduce more people to the world of outstanding, independent lager.”

Don’t Cry Wolf’s experience in the food and drinks industry includes, Soda Folk, Meridian peanut butter and Lucozade Suntory.