Getting real about breastfeeding

Let’s be real. Breastfeeding can be wonderful but it can also be a whole world of thrush, mastitis and anxiety. Yet Instagram is overrun with images of ‘picture perfect’ parenting which often fail to show this reality.

So we set out with Elvie to bust breastfeeding myths, celebrate real women and fill Instagram with leaky boobs, chapped nipples, and dozy late-night feeds. It was time to show the world how #TheRealFeed looks.

We recruited an army of real mums, influencers and celebrities to create a space for Elvie to own – #TheRealFeed. Turning the “how it started, how it’s going” trend on its head, our mums showed the highs and the lows of parenthood and breastfeeding, using the hashtag.

Our influencers posted some incredible, real and raw content all featuring Elvie’s fabulous natural suction, silicone breast pump, the Elvie Curve

They helped us reach a whopping 1,052,351 people in total. Engagement on their content was not only high and well above the industry average at 3.9% (industry average = 2.43%), but it was extremely positive, with their followers commenting on how much they loved the content and how necessary it is to show the realities of breastfeeding. 

Sharing a clear call to action – get involved and share your real ‘how it started, how it’s going’ posts too – our influencers helped drive more than 100 mums to share their real stories to #TheRealFeed, with 77 of the mums mentioning Elvie in their posts. 

Meanwhile our superstar partner, Ashley James, spread the word with press. We landed a four page spread in OK! Magazine, as well as perfectly on-message coverage in the likes of Grazia and the Mirror

And what’s more – the campaign delivered a spike in sales of Elvie’s breastfeeding range too.

#TheRealFeed: The perfect hashtag for Elvie to own, a movement mums could easily take part in, and a success across the board. 

Check out more of the work we’re doing with Elvie as their PR agency here.