Goal Setting in 2023: Returning to work after maternity leave

Goal setting in 2023: Returning to work after maternity leave

Like any exhausted parent, getting back to the desk can actually be a welcome relief. But when it’s a new year and it’s your first day back after Maternity leave, there are a truck load of emotions! To try and make sense of it all, while sitting in a quiet room by myself, I’ve done some (honest) goal setting.
  1. Team management: Slip back into managing a team without appearing overwhelmed about wtf is going on. But don’t come across as though you’re wading in too strong through fear of being seen as trying too hard to slip back in without knowing wtf is going on.
  2. The Baby: Don’t talk about the baby too much. No one wants to be branded unprofessional or god forbid – mumsy. Make sure you talk about the baby enough to appear normal though.
  3. Work/Life Balance: Be a good mum and drop the big kid off at school. Whilst not forgetting PE kit days, food prep for the baby, home for bedtime & available for last minute homework. But, also be the one who’ll go above and beyond to get the job done so you don’t look like you’ve got too much on your plate.
  4. Set boundaries: Set boundaries because if one of the many spinning plates drops, someone will undoubtedly say ‘they’ve got too much on their plate’, and tell you to have better boundaries. Which is always helpful to hear when something goes wrong…
  5. Don’t take it personally: Try to not give a fuck about what anyone thinks (because your Instagram feed told you ‘you-do-you-hun’) but know that you definitely give a really big fuck because you worked your butt off to get this far, survived maternity leave (twice) and quite frankly, good work doesn’t come out of thin air so prepare to be tired.
  6. Be realistic: Six is far too many goals for one person to have. Scrap goals 1-5 and aim to do your best, prioritise happiness & go to bed early.