Humble Pie the podcast

We’ve launched a brand spanking new podcast about humble leadership.

Enough is enough. I’m totally over it.

No, not Brexit or the Royal family’s numerous Instagram accounts. I don’t know about you, but I’m increasingly uncomfortable in a world where people who shout the loudest have a monopoly. And where arrogance is rewarded over humility and vulnerability. It’s like getting an unpleasant and intractable wedgie every time you read the news.

Don’t Cry Wolf was created to cut through all the bullshit and re-build authenticity.

And so, we’re going to do our bit to celebrate humble people doing incredible things and – we hope – inspiring others to be more open and honest in the process. How? Well, my wonderful co-host Harriet Courage (by name and nature) and I have launched a podcast to celebrate the shit out of humble leadership.

Every show will feature interviews with people who’re achieving amazing things and helping others to do the same.

The first two episodes of Humble Pie – we’ve all had to eat some at one point of another – kick things off with a couple of wonderful interviews. The first is with Floyd Woodrow, a performance coach and author who was also one of the youngest ever members of the SAS, joining at the age of 22, and the second with the founders of The Juggling Act, a new consultancy dedicated to supporting parents and companies adapt to parents returning to work.

Both episodes of Humble Pie are available now, wherever you normally get your podcasts including iTunes and Spotify. During the first series new episodes will go live every other week. Go on, have a listen. We’ll love you forever and you might learn something. We certainly have.

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