Inkpact puts pen to paper with Don’t Cry Wolf


We are buzzing with excitement as we write this, which just goes to show how powerful the written word can be. Nope, this isn’t some kind of ode to old-fashioned poetry. Instead we’re announcing that Don’t Cry Wolf has been chosen by Inkpact to help it on its mission to enable brands to build real relationships with customers, all through the power of handwritten notes.

Our super-sharp PR team will be working with Inkpact to bring to life the human connection that can be built through letter writing. Our work will be focused on developing creative campaigns and meaningful content that raises the profile of Inkpact’s handwritten and personalised approach to marketing.

In a world where we’re bombarded with spammy emails and unsuitable products on Instagram (If I get one more ad pushing an app that helps care for my house plants I’m going to scream), Inkpact is offering a true alternative. They’ve brought together 1,000 scribes – The Scribe Tribe – who hand write each note to help brands engage customers in a thoughtful and meaningful way.

All the feels

Inkpact works with brands such as John Lewis, Sweaty Betty, and Gymshark. And it’s not just about the lovely, warm feels you get when you receive a handwritten letter, there’s also tremendous engagement and ROI, their campaigns get a 99% open rate.

We’re looking forward to asking brands to think outside the realms of social ads and Google ad words and seeing more handwritten notes sent out to the public.

Sara Collinge, MD of Don’t Cry Wolf, said, “There is untold power in putting pen to paper. Inkpact knows just how important that is and their idea of bringing it to brands as a marketing tool is incredibly smart and impactful. The results and their customer list speak for themselves. We can’t wait to start raising awareness around handwriting as a marketing category in some pretty unexpected ways.”

Inkpact is the latest client to join Don’t Cry Wolf’s growing collection of good eggs who want to make a meaningful difference to the world.