Meet our new interns from Falmouth University, Izzy and Alma

Meet Izzy and Alma, DCW’s brand new interns.

What’s that saying about waiting ages for a London bus, then two coming along at once? Well, that’s exactly how we feel about welcoming not one, but two brilliant new additions to the team. Meet Izzy Gruppo and Alma Lukito, our new interns from Falmouth University who bring youthful enthusiasm, as well as a zest for all things creative. 

Creativity is key

Surfing and Cornish pasty enthusiast, Izzy arrives at DCW armed with a penchant for weird and wonderful design. To say Izzy has a passion for all things creative is an understatement. Whether it’s drafting in her dog, Frank, to recreate her favourite TV ads, or making birthday cards for friends and family on photoshop – Izzy’s love for design is clear in all aspects of her life. 

Her proudest moment so far? Just the small feat of having a poster she designed featured in a Dadaism exhibition at the Tate Modern. 

We caught up with Izzy about joining the team and here’s what she had to say: 

I would describe myself as design obsessed! It’s literally a part of everything I do, so when I came across the amazing visual work DCW does, coupled with the inspirational brand activism – I just knew it was the right fit. I’m super excited to grow and learn with the team and I’m so glad to finally be here! 

Representation matters

Born and raised in Madrid, our second new addition, Alma fuses her Spanish upbringing with her South East Asian heritage in all of her creative pursuits. From her small owned clay jewellery business, Memoria Project, to challenging the lack of diversity in coming-of-age films for Zine for Her – it’s safe to say that Alma proudly wears her identity on her sleeve. 

She’ll be joining our campaigns team and applying her creative touch to some of our shit-hot pitches. Welcome to the team Alma! 

Here’s what Alma had to say about joining DCW: 

I’m honestly so thrilled to have joined the DCW family as an intern. I saw first hand the positive impact the agency can have on influencing attitudes and challenging what’s perceived to be the norm from their work with Meridian. 

It immediately made me reconsider my choices in regards to buying products containing palm oil and I was blown away by the passion and authenticity from the campaign. When I heard about the vacancy, I just knew I had to be a part of the agency in some capacity! 

Both our new interns from Falmouth University have already hit the ground running, getting struck straight into our first ever advertising shoot. If their palpable enthusiasm is anything to go by – then we’re very lucky to have these two as part of our team! 

These two bundles of energy join the brilliant Hannah in our exciting new wave of additions!