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Introducing Kat ‘best mate of Christopher Biggins’ Park

We are delighted (and a bit smug) to say that communications consultant and general hero, Kat Park, has joined Don’t Cry Wolf as a senior consultant.

Kat will be putting her skills to great use for some of the consultancy’s gorgeous consumer clients including Manhattan TV, Meridian Foods and Elvie. It’s fair to say that Kat and Don’t Cry Wolf go way back. MD, Sara Collinge and CEO, John Brown, hired Kat in her first role in PR seven years ago at Speed Communications.

Since then, Kat went on to work with some of the most exciting brands in the consumer world such as GoPro and Red Bull Media House at Hotwire and now joins our blossoming team, bringing her earth-shaking laugh and extraordinary tenacity to the business. 

While Kat’s skills, personality and commitment to Don’t Cry Wolf’s mission are all lovely, the primary reason why she’s been hired into the business is due to her having shared the stage with Christopher Biggins. You just don’t stumble upon that sort of stardom.

Sara Collinge, MD of Don’t Cry Wolf said, “When we announced Kat was joining us there was, quite literally, a chorus of cheers erupting from our Zoom call. She has already established herself as an outstanding consultant and has just fit perfectly into the team. 

“What’s more, it could have been easy for Kat to have developed an ego after her theatrical career, yet she remains grounded, accessible and wonderful.”

In Kat’s own words “I am so happy to have joined Don’t Cry Wolf. The business has a tremendous purpose and approach to its work and its role in the world. I’ve already got stuck into the task at hand and am loving every minute.

“By the way, I was on stage with Christopher Biggins,” she added.

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