Kate Strong kicks off the Climate Cycle in style

Today on World Environment Day, Kate Strong  sets off from Big Ben and embarks on a 3,000 mile, 90-day cycle on a hand-made bamboo bike across the length and breadth of mainland Britain.

With three world records in cycling, plus a triathlon championship title, Kate is no stranger to the open road and now wants to use her passion for cycling, combined with a deep rooted desire to change the world and raise awareness for sustainable projects, to bring awareness to issues surrounding the climate crisis, and those trying to fight it. 

Every project Kate visits shares a unique way we can help save the planet. Some projects are grassroots movements, such as gleaning food from farmland and beach cleanups and others are cutting edge technology tackling micro plastics in our cleaning products. Some projects focus on nature-based solutions, rewilding our seabeds and gardens and others resolve our imminent food shortage crisis such as foraging and community cooking.

During her 3,000 mile journey, Kate Strong will be visiting 30 projects. Some highlights include: 

  • 6th-7th June, National Grid & Norfolk County Council, Norfolk: Kate will join the team as they announce their new sustainability strategy. Kate is hosting a Climate Panel, hearing stories from residents and companies about the positive changes they are making to meet sustainability targets. Kate will also be part of a group ride along on the 6th and 7th, organised by Beryl, an e-bike and scooter hire company.

  • 10th June, Big Sky Hideaway, Boston, Lancashire: A sustainable haven, the Big Sky Hideaway has everything from extreme sports and retreats – all powered by solar panels. Kate’s refuelling at one of their buses converted into a glamping experience and catching up with owners, Dave & Em, who have both accomplished record-breaking adventures and created the YEStival, supporting people to say “yes” more to adventure.

  • 12th June, SeaGrown, Scarborough: SeaGrown are a marine industry organisation leading on the UK’s first offshore seaweed farm. Seaweed absorbs huge amounts of carbon, making it better for the sea, the water, and the environment. Kate will explore how the seaweed is grown, the personal and environmental health benefits of using seaweed as food and cosmetic ingredients. Kate will also ask about the importance of job creation for the local area. With fish numbers declining and fish moving further north seeking cooler ocean water, jobs for sea-lovers are scarce and growing seaweed seems a natural fit to support the local economy.

  • 15th June, Running Out Of Time Relay, Pease Bay to Eymeouth: Part of the UK’s biggest sporting relay fighting the climate crisis, Kate will join the team for part of their journey through Pease Pay to Eyemouth.

  • 22nd June, Meeting with Skipper and whale watching guide Steve Truluck, Elgin, Scotland: Recently featured in a Waterbear documentary, Steve is an expert in whale watching. Kate will be meeting him to talk about whales on the Scottish coast and beyond.

Don’t forget, you can help take part too by logging your daily exercise on the Climategames app and find out more about Kate’s amazing journey here.

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