Pressing Play on DCW Productions

Film should be the most powerful way to tell a story. It’s visual, evocative and demands people’s complete attention. It’s a perfect way for brands to tell their story and encourage an audience to act.

But most of the branded videos we see are frankly, completely rubbish. Why? Because as our founder John Brown loves to tell us, while everyone has a film inside them, for most people that’s where it should stay.

So rather than following the crowd and half-ass our way through the world of video production we’ve decided to go the whole hog and open up our very own production arm – DCW Productions, dedicated to creating branded films which won’t be forgotten the second they’re published.

As it’s no good having PR people pretend to be video experts, we’re thrilled to the point of disbelief that Simon Ross, an experienced director and all-round brilliant filmmaker has agreed to partner with us as our new Executive Producer and, crucially, ensure none of us ever say the word videographer again. As he loves to tell us, it’s a made up word which is only ever used by PR people.

When he’s not working on pre-production for his debut film, Simon is a multi-award winning film and commercials director, creating films the likes of BMW, BT, P&O, Virgin, Wagamama, Oxfam and Barclaycard.

As the Head of Film for DCW Productions, Simon will be working with a team of creatives to ensure every video we produce for our clients tells the right story and does it with the style, wit and panache of the movies. The team is already working on an incredibly exciting secret project for Tangle Teezer, while Simon has brought his vision and artistic style to bear on a range of DCW clients, most recently helping N26 make the world of banking less scary.

Simon said: “I love working with the team at Don’t Cry Wolf and I’m excited to help them produce films which viewers won’t skip straight past. Most of the video content produced by the comms industry is instantly forgettable or worse, makes people dislike the brand. I’m determined to change this and bring the quality audiences expect from feature films to every single video we create.”

Sara Collinge, MD of Don’t Cry Wolf added: It’s about time that we, as an industry, believed in ourselves enough to really go up against creative agencies. The only way to do it properly is to invest in the right areas and bring in the right experts. That’s why Simon is the perfect fit for DCW Productions. I can’t wait until I’m sitting back with a bucket of popcorn watching a smashing film that we’ve created in-house for one of our clients.

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