Rewriting the Mantras with Elvie

Mantras like ‘get hard or go home’ and ‘no pain without gain’ might get gym bunnies pumped, but for the everyday postnatal mum, they don’t quite work.

In fact, one in five women have quit physical activities because of incontinence. So we set out with Elvie to show incontinence isn’t an issue you have to put up with, it can be solved, and you can get back to doing the things you love.

Working with a bunch of taboo-busting influencers – including Carly Rowena and Tova Leigh – we rewrote the mantras and took their followers on a pelvic floor fitness journey.

We said ‘forget New Year, new me’, it’s ‘New Year, same old me, minus the pee’! And over the course of a month, our influencers showed how much Elvie Trainer can improve pelvic floor strength and in turn, how pelvic floor training helps to treat incontinence.

Our influencer marketing campaign drove a 177% increase in sales in the first three days of Elvie’s discount period vs Black Friday 2020. It’s fair to say, we drove a shed tonne of sales.

By collaborating with brave women who were willing to open up the conversation about incontinence, we showed incontinence is an issue that can be solved, not just suffered.

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