We understand where your audience is at.
We try and bring the two closer together.

We do not have a newly minted, redesigned and re-engineered branding process developed with the help of a rocket scientist and Harvard professor. The branding approach we take is the same as any other strong branding agency.


To get there, we have a bunch of creative sessions, messaging and design iterations, a heap of ‘what about adding a question mark there?’ discussions and a fair few ‘that’s not what I would call ‘hot pink’ situations. However, what we do have is a 100% success rate with getting a brand off the ground and hitting the right notes.

So how do we do that?

With commitment, humanity, emotion and a gigantic bullshit detector.

What we deliver as part of


Internal and external surveys
Audience interviews
Internal and external focus groups
Creative workshops
Competitor analysis
Industry analysis


Brand strategy

Brand architecture
Customer promise
Super North Star
Proof points
Key messages

Brand creation

Visual identity
Brand guidelines
Messaging guidelines
Tone of voice
Marketing and sales assets


Brand Launch

Comms strategy
Internal comms strategy
Swag & Merchandise
Event materials
Brand film

We won’t all agree throughout a branding process.
But we will all commit.


We don’t look for agreement. We look for commitment.

Everyone thinks they have a great new brand name within them, and for many, that’s exactly where it should stay. That said, we understand the need to scratch that itch. So we let it all out, get the ‘warts and all’ discussion up and running and into the open. 

We then make commitments. We commit to a decision despite it not being the outcome we’d had in our head. We commit because we understand the context, the impact and the effectiveness of that decision.

We won’t all agree throughout a branding process. But we will all commit.


No new brand can launch without a sense of its purpose in the world. No forward-thinking organisation can rebrand without considering its role within the future of humanity. This does not mean that every brand should be the new ‘saviour of the industry’. Quite the opposite. 

It means that the brands we create take into account human nature. We work with management teams to help them understand that not every employee is a ‘salesperson’ (some are much more important than that). We uncover the gaps in society a brand can genuinely fill.


Forget the, ‘why?’ The more important question is, ‘why should I care?’

We obsess about this in our brand work. Every asset we create, every elevator pitch, brand narrative, strapline or visual has to spark the right emotional reaction.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a B2B software platform or a jelly bean manufacturer, if your audience doesn’t genuinely feel something about your brand, you’ll be bottom of the pile.

Gigantic bullshit detector

Perhaps the finest thing we bring to the whole branding process is our confidence in calling out nonsense. In a branding world filled with nodding dogs, it’s essential that there is a voice in the room that can confidently call bullshit. Not in a brutal or arrogant way, but with context and feeling.

Our branding work always takes clients down a path of clarity rather than obfuscation, simplicity over sensationalism and meaning over irrelevance. We’re not afraid to challenge that 20-minute buzzword rich monologue from your sales director in Buenos Aires. 

In fact, it’s imperative we do.

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