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Bad video content does nothing more than clog up YouTube.
DCW Productions exists to create branded films which do the former and stop clients wasting money on the latter.

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Our secret?

We don’t act like video is easy.

Far from it – it’s one of the hardest things a creative agency can work on. As our founder loves to remind us, while most people might have a video inside them, that’s also where it should stay in the vast majority of cases.

That’s why we work with specialists, rather than pretend we can all come up with the perfect film idea from scratch.
Doing this lets us craft videos people genuinely want to watch and share. And when we get it really right, our videos inspire them to do something special.

The final piece in the puzzle – getting people to see it. We never create videos in isolation and assume people will come to them without prompting. We’ll create a plan for sharing and distributing the video – ensuring that it’s seen by everyone who needs to see it.


The best ideas in the world are pointless if no one hears about them. And video is a terrific way to tell the story of a campaign – whether that idea is rooted in video as a medium or lives somewhere else and we’re using video to bring the experience to a wider audience.

What makes our campaign videos special? We cut the crap and focus on what your audience will care about. That means we don’t focus on showing off our own cleverness by giving you a behind the scenes look at how we created the campaign. No one cares about that. Instead we tell the story we need to tell, in a way your audience won’t be able to resist.


Your shiny new brand doesn’t just need to exist as a written narrative on a page. We’ll work with you to find the right way to tell the story visually and give your internal and external audiences an easy way to understand what’s special about your new brand.

At the heart of all our visual brand storytelling is a simple idea – we find the purpose behind a brand and bring it to life – telling the story not just of what your brand does, but the impact it has, both on your direct audience and the wider world.

We find the purpose behind a brand
and bring it to life


If a picture tells a thousand words, a video can make the complex, simple. We’ll work with you to create videos which tackle the questions your customers actually want answered – using insight from research and your business to understand the issues which keep people up at night and answering them in an easy to digest video format.
We don’t do this by patronising viewers or talking down to them – we treat them as smart people who are time poor and just want the information they need, fast.


Sometimes, you just need a human face to a story – a reassuring expert who will bring a topic to life or make a complicated issue more accessible. Or a member of the public to bring a fresh perspective to the debate at hand.

The trouble is, most talking head videos are boring. They’re shot on the cheap and consist of someone standing awkwardly, starting half at the camera and half into the distance praying for the experience to be over.

We’ll never do that. We work with you to find a setting which helps tell the story and puts the individuals featured at ease. Then we film and cut the interview in a compelling way, so the content becomes a must watch and everyone who watches it feels smarter than they did before they clicked play.


One of the biggest myths people believe about video creation is that animation is the holy grail – content which is quick, easy and cheap.

In fact, it’s none of those things. It’s a technically demanding medium which requires time and money to get right. But, it’s worth getting right because animation can take your audience anywhere and tell them anything.

We don’t recommend animated content to our clients lightly. When we do recommend animation, it’s because it’s the best way to tell their story and wow their audience. And because the medium is so flexible, it can lend itself to almost any type of campaign – whether that’s helping unpick some of life’s annoying complexities or adding depth to the story of an Orangutan searching for a new home.

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