Harriet Courage

Head of Campaigns

Harriet Courage

Who are you?
I’m Harriet. A mother to a little human called Olive. A founding member of Ovarian Cancer Action’s Next Generation Women’s Collective. Co-host of a podcast called Humble Pie. And a lover of second hand furniture.

What’s your role?
I’m Head of Campaigns, which is handy as I’d consider myself to be a bit of a campaign guru. I help brands find their voice through culture and connection. They’re audience is usually out there somewhere fighting the same fight – they just haven’t met yet.

So what do you actually spend your day doing?
From planning the next big campaign to overseeing our influencer programmes, I help our team create the most impactful and emotive brief possible. I also spend a good chunk of my day scrolling through Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube and the rest of it.

Greatest strength?
I’m a mum. It’s a life experience like no other and gives me a totally different perspective on life.

Biggest weakness?
For a Courage I’m actually a bit of a wimp. I’m scared of flying, snakes, the dark, scary old houses, heights…I try on a daily basis to hide this from my child in fear (ironically) that she’ll end up like me.

What’s your favourite example of brand activism?
When it comes to brand activism, of course there are big important issues to be solved, we know this. But the part of activism that gets me out of bed in the morning is when we work with inspirational mums who are willing to show the vulnerabilities of parenting in order to give strength to other mums that might need to hear it. It’s these small but mighty moments that show activism doesn’t have to happen in a day. So my favourite example is a campaign we did with Elvie called The Real Feed – a bullshit free view of what breastfeeding is really like for Mums across the country.