Jamie Weeks

Who are you? I’m a weird little Austrian who loves strudel and schnitzel too much for the stereotypes not to be true. I’m hooked on spinning classes and eating delicious food, and spend any time in between watching Spurs lose and playing video games.

What’s your role? I’m DCW’s head of client relations. I’m all about creating the best possible client management and delivery models so that our clients’ weekly DCW calls are their favourite time of the week.

So what do you actually spend your day doing? I’m equally as likely to jump head first into doing the work as I am working with our teams to decide the best way to deliver it. That means I spend copious amounts of time in our project management tool Asana, making sure we deliver campaigns on time and on budget. No deadlines missed here.

Greatest strength? Sara Collinge would probably say it’s my ability to manage the shit out of a project in a calm fashion. So let’s go with that.

Biggest weakness? I’m known as the word tornado. I try to be concise but I love the detail so it’s a balance DCW is fast teaching me to strike.

What’s your favourite example of brand activism? IKEA buying back old furniture for a sustainable Black Friday. It might not be Ben & Jerry levels of brand activism, but it’s a clever way of putting sustainability on the agenda at a time of year that’s usually dedicated to the type of reckless buying habits that are destroying our planet.