Kirsty Pickering

Who are you? In a nutshell, I am a massive fan of live music, a sucker for anything makeup related, love being creative in the kitchen and on occasion have been told I am quite loud.

What’s your role? I’m Don’t Cry Wolf’s PA and Office Manager. My role involves supporting my extremely creative team by helping them get shit done.

So what do you actually spend your day doing? Anything and everything. I like to think myself a bit of a del boy, wheeling and dealing through a variety of tasks – also I have a very similar coat! I am in charge of all things office culture and managing the heck out of the management team, alongside training schedules, payments, people planning and generally trying to make an even more wonderful place for the team to work in.

Greatest strength? I am always happy to help with a smile on my face, known to be a bit of a people pleaser.

Biggest weakness? My biggest weakness would be for sure writing a bio about myself and that I can sometimes flap which drives poor Sara up the wall … oh and Bradley Cooper.

What’s your favourite example of brand activism? Ben & Jerry’s have been smashing out brand activism campaigns and making positive moves around Fair Trade, Climate Change, the list goes on. They are a company that isn’t afraid to put their neck on the line to take a stand regardless of their reputation, plus they make banging ice cream!