Sam Allen


Sam Allen

Who are you?
I am a creative who loves CrossFit, throwing barbells around, and being a part of the Beyoncé cult. I enjoy gaming and spending time eating way too much with a pint in hand, preferably in the sun!

What’s your role?
I am the designer at DCW. I bring all the crazy ideas and creativity to life, working alongside our clients and team, collaborating on shit-hot work! I pride myself on always thinking outside the box and creating unreal designs across the agency.

So what do you actually spend your day doing?
Collaborating, creating, and building bold and unapologetic design work, I speak directly to the client and team to fulfill the brief. This means I spend my time adapting and changing for each project to best suit the wants and needs.

Greatest strength?
I would like to think that concepts are my strength. Coming up with an idea and crafting a look and feel is something I thrive on.

Biggest weakness?
Thank goodness for Chloe and Kirsty supporting the process, as I am a free spirit who isn’t the best at Asana planning and project management. However, I can make it look pretty.

What’s your favourite example of brand activism?
Vee Collective is a super sustainable business that prides itself on creating bags that are 100% recyclable. They ship by sea to minimize CO2 emissions, reuse their fabric, and do not use virgin plastics within their products. Plus, I love their bags!