Who are you? This is a very profound question for a Monday, or any day for that matter.  I will say that I’ve been told numerous times that I’m ‘too honest for my own good’, that I’m ‘too loud’ and that I speak ‘too fast’. All true. Fortunately my wonderful team found it in their hearts to tolerate me. What’s your role? I’m Don’t Cry Wolf’s Managing Director. Generally my goal is to make sure our team, our clients, and our business are happy and healthy. So what do you actually spend your day doing? I’m just as likely to be found on a call with a supplier about a vagina-shaped blimp (yes, that happened) as I am writing new business proposals or coming up with ideas for our clients. I also spend a shed ton of time thinking about the team’s development so that we can operate seamlessly and fearlessly.  Greatest strength? I would hazard a guess that it’s my majestic crow pose. I have an insatiable need to find solutions to challenges and my attitude to work (and yoga practise) is simple: never give up.  Biggest weakness? There are many but a couple stand out. I would rather start things than finish things meaning I always have too many projects on the go. I’m also a very impatient person – I’m even impatient about learning to be patient. Meta, huh? What’s your favourite example of brand activism? One thing we can do to change society is to start educating our children when they’re young. That’s why I love Mattel’s recent activism work. From launching gender neutral dolls to Barbie having real conversations about racism with her friend Nikki, Mattel is encouraging children and parents to have real conversations about representation, inclusion and diversity.