Tom Rouse

Who are you? I’m Tom – I get overexcited by ideas a lot, play amateur rugby to a passable standard, lecture at London College of Communications and get over excited about the latest news in film and video games.

What’s your role? I’m Don’t Cry Wolf’s Director of Creative & Strategy, which means I work with our clients and the DCW team to help identify the right themes and stories for our clients to talk about, the channels they should be using to tell these stories and the campaign ideas which will bring them to life.

So what do you actually spend your day doing? A real mix of things – some days I’m engrossed in planning – defining client objectives, creating brainstorm briefs and creating execution plans to make sure our campaigns deliver what our slides say they will. Other days, it’s all about content creation – making sure the words, videos and images we’re producing for clients are as good as they can be.

Greatest strength? An endless ability to look on the bright side and wonder what if – it helps me find new solutions to old problems and means I wake up most days with a smile on my face.

Biggest weakness? I have the world’s worst poker face so people always know what I’m thinking and I can never hide my gut reaction to something.

What’s your favourite example of brand activism? Nike sponsoring Colin Kaepernick – it was a partnership which felt completely natural, while also shocking the world. A great example of a brand being brave enough to take a stand in the face of a potentially hostile environment.