The Elvie team recruit some special help for the Pelvic Floor Playlist

Ever wondered what an orgasm would sound like reimagined as music? Or pregnancy? Or even menstruation? Well, look no further because the Elvie team has brought these incredible sounds to life with the help of some very special friends. 

The team launched a one of a kind playlist with three musical tracks designed to mimic the sound of the pelvic floor during these significant moments throughout a woman’s life 

The campaign follows research from Elvie that shows ⅓ women know little to nothing about their pelvic floor health, and 40% wouldn’t seek help for their pelvic floor if they experienced an issue. One of the biggest barriers to education is lack of research and understanding amongst health professionals, as well as stigma holding women back from talking about traditionally taboo subjects.

Very little research exists on the pelvic floor muscle, with academia and investment into understanding women’s health remaining low. That’s why Elvie, alongside creative agency Don’t Cry Wolf, wanted to take the data and science available to them, with the support of a pelvic floor physiotherapist, and bring to life the contractions and rhythms of the pelvic floor muscle   in a way that’s simple for women understand and to relate to. 

With a little help from our friends 

To bring the playlist to life and to ensure – as always – it was grounded in science, Elvie also worked with Marta Downer, pelvic floor physiotherapist and expert consultant on the creation of the tracks, to show the rhythms and contractions of the pelvic floor. They turned this into sound alongside musician and new mum, Jazz Morley, and a sound production team, Futz Butler. 

Here’s what Jazz had to say:

 “It’s honestly bizarre we aren’t taught anything about the pelvic floor because it’s such an integral part of a woman’s body and it literally holds our entire reproductive system up to stop things falling out. It was only when I became a mother myself that I really understood what this was.

“I wanted to work with Elvie and Don’t Cry Wolf on something that brought awareness to how amazing women’s bodies truly are, and how much we need to invest in getting to know them. Due to lack of research and stigmas, there’s a huge gap within health knowledge and care, and more attention needs to be brought to this issue.” 

Sounding it all out

We caught up with our very own Haz to get her thoughts on the campaign and the general stigma around women’s health. Here’s what she had to say: 

At this point, it’s not really a surprise that there’s a void in scientific research when it comes to women. We know that much already. But we also know that there’s so little understanding of the pelvic floor muscle in general – with many women saying they don’t even know what it is until they have a baby, let alone understand the role it plays throughout their life. And that’s what fuelled our campaign and why we wanted to reconnect women with this part of their body in a way that evokes a feeling and a connection.

“We wanted to emulate what happens to the muscle during significant moments such as an orgasm, during a menstrual cycle and even pregnancy and birth, so that maybe for a brief moment we can appreciate the complexities and mysteries of the female body. And whilst we await and push for the research and advancements that are vitally needed, we’ll continue to tell stories and use creativity to champion women.” 

All three tracks are available to listen to on Elvie’s Spotify and on their website, with detailed descriptions that show the science and inspiration behind each of the tracks for orgasm, pregnancy and menstruation.