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We’ve hired our first apprentice. He’s a bit of a ledge.

Staying true to ourselves

Part of our philosophy is to help shape the future of the industry by making communications more accessible to those from diverse backgrounds. 

We are delighted to have hit another milestone with the hire of Asfand Khan, our first ever apprentice.

Asfand spent a bit of time in a paid internship with us over the summer, getting a feel for the type of work we do and how we operate. He was also at a crossroads. 

Head to university or look for a job? 

The challenge

A question that many have, especially in an era of hefty student costs and a job market flooded with graduates, is it all worth it?

We quickly established a few things:

Asfand was (and still is) a legend. We loved him and wanted to be able to offer him a desirable career and he wanted to see a viable alternative to the uni path

There’s plenty of support out there for small businesses looking to have an apprenticeship scheme in place

We do a shite job of telling anyone considering not going to uni that apprenticeship schemes are an opportunity in our industry

What we did

So, first things first. We decided to work with Seetec Outsource. This allowed us to access some support from the government and also put in place a learning and development schedule that worked for us and for Asfand.

Next up, we made the formal offer to Asfand, he agreed to join us and now is already taking names and kicking arse.

The final thing is about communicating it. Consider this blog post one tiny shred of what we should all be doing to make it clear that PR’s door is wide open for apprentices. 

Final thoughts

The PRCA is doing a great job with its PR apprenticeship scheme as well as establishing a grassroots programme for PR to be well communicated in schools and colleges.

But it’s up to agencies and in house teams to do more to broaden our reach and create a truly diverse workforce. Part of that is ditching the obsession with degrees and then realising we don’t have all the answers, so third-party help is needed. Then it’s about increasing the availability of PR apprenticeship schemes  Finally, it’s about being front of mind for those considering a path that swings around the well-trodden university road.  

In Asfand’s words, “I wasn’t in a position to get loaded with debt in the hope that in three years time I might be offered a job. I needed a career that resonated with me and offered two things: training and money. Don’t Cry Wolf ticked those boxes and a whole bunch more and I can’t wait to see where this takes me.”

You’ll be hearing more from Asfand as he makes his way through the PR world being magnificent.


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