It's not all boozy lunches you know.

Fancy an agency internship? It's not all boozy lunches you know.

I’m a couple of weeks into my new summer internship at Don’t Cry Wolf. 

I’ve done a couple of internships, I’ve worked on fast-paced cool events – a film festival and a product launch – and I’ve experienced high tempo situations when I competed in sports. But when I met John and Sara it was a bit like all of those things wrapped up in one. I wasn’t sure if their offer of an internship based on a five minute chat was real. I followed it up and they were true to their word, now a couple of weeks in and, yep, they are real, they do give a damn and they want people to know it. They aren’t afraid of the big bad, well, you know…

Falling into the internship through a miracle ‘right place, right time’ moment, I feel lucky to be here and  get some proper experience in an extremely honest and dedicated comms consultancy. the team are showing me that there is a place for us millennial under-graduates to thrive and grow, and giving me a really good insight into the industry. 

Here’s what I’ve been up to and what I’ve learnt so far:

  • First and foremost, never be afraid to ask a question – no question’s a stupid question in this job
  • I was thrown in at the deep end from day one.  In my first couple of days I was already getting stuck in with the work I had ahead of me for the next month. Thankfully I had people around me – like Harriet – to make sure I was still able to swim!
  • Working on an array of different projects has given me the ability to switch tasks and learn new industries super fast
  • I’ve been getting clued up with all the different events they are attending and organising 
  • There’s lots of tools and platforms in comms. Getting to grips with the numerous online platforms which help to optimise time for projects and communications between the team and learn about events, social media and media coverage 
  • Marketing is part of the job too. I’ve been working on a social media strategy with the other interns, so we can optimise DCW social presence and get the brand talking about the issues closest to its heart. More to come on that soon (watch this space for more about the #CreativesforClimate initiative)

Most importantly, I’m loving the vibe and energy which I get at DCW, getting stuck in with the tasks at hand and I’m excited for the month ahead, ready to tackle interesting projects to come.

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