for us

Live and die by our culture

Our values are at the core of our work and our culture. So here they are. If they don’t align with you then, well, we wish you love and light as you find a better fit. These values are non-negotiable.

Fighting for diversity

That’s right, it’s an absolute fight, with ourselves, with each other and the wider industry. We’ve got to fight for what’s right with diversity and inclusion. So, here’s what we commit to:

  • We have adopted the ‘Rooney Rule’ so we are recruiting with ‘positive action’ to create opportunities for underrepresented groups to join our team.
  • We are committed to ensuring no discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation at any stage of our recruitment process and build an inclusive culture when they join us.
  • We acknowledge that we need to take positive action measures to promote diversity and inclusion.
  • Our aim is to make sure we have the right person for each role and we are committed to interviewing at least one person from a minority background for every role advertised.
  • We make sure our roles are published on the most inclusive platforms available to maximise the chance and opportunity for a diverse range
    of candidates.

Life before letters

Phd. MPhil. Bsc. All very majestic, all fairly meaningless (sorry, it’s true). We hire people based on their approach to life, the skills they’ve picked up on the way, the conviction they have for their own purpose and ethos, oh and a strong sense of humour and a dash of self-awareness.

  • It’s why we don’t insist on a degree, or any other bit of paper.
  • It’s why we look at personality profiles.
  • It’s why our interviews can be 2hr political discussions, or 20 min portfolio reviews.
  • It’s why the person matters more than the bits of paper they carry.

Culture and benefits

We spend an awful lot of time working out how to keep our culture vibrant, accessible and important and our team committed, engaged and healthy. It’s what binds us together through thick and thin and, fundamentally, is the unique bit that our clients buy.

Culturally our team
has these traits:

Radical responsibility:

Whether you’re an apprentice or a CEO, your word is your bond. There’s always support to reach goals, but those goals are committed to by you and driven by you.

to ethics:

From the swag we have to our parties, paper and premises, our goal is to do work that people adore in harmony with the planet we all need.


Every week the whole business gets a detailed look at the health of the organisation from cash in the bank to clients, new business, marketing and people strategy. Every minute we share our success and failures as a team.

Emotionally intelligent:

Irrespective of whether it’s a client, a member of the team or any other human being, we operate with humanity and humility.

So onto the

Things that are not a benefit and are just good business practice:

  • An inclusive and supportive work environment
  • Fair pay
  • 26 days holiday (full time)
  • 12 weeks fully paid maternity and paternity leave
  • Mental health wellness, safety nets and structural practices
  • Things that allow you to work (like a laptop and phone)
  • Training programme built around individual personal and professional goals

Things that are a benefit:

  • Private medical insurance
  • Company bonus scheme for everyone
  • Abel & Cole monthly veg box
  • Subscription of your choice to feed your brain
  • Calm app pro-account subscription
  • Monthly culture club
  • Half yearly swag drops
  • Little random moments of love usually expressed through food